SCP Terms
Powers and authorities vested in the SCP

The power and authority of the Supreme Council for Planning is set out in Royal Decree No. 30  of 2012. The mandate states that the SCP is responsible for:

01. Setting a sustainable long term national strategy based on the available natural and human resources and sustainable development needs and requirements.
02. Setting future concepts, general tendencies and the policies and mechanisms required to achieve sustainable development.
03. Setting the national urban strategy and approval of the general policy for urban planning in view of the approved development plans and in accordance with the economic, social and environmental considerations.
04. Setting the national strategy for statistics, census and information.
05. Setting standards and criteria to determine the priorities of the developmental plans and methods of developmental planning in such a manner to guarantee the balance between the economic and social aspects of development.
06. Approval of the annual developmental budget.
07. Approval of the five-year developmental plans and their financial allocations.
08. Periodically evaluate the future strategies and plans in addition to the general tendencies and five year plans in view of the economic, social and other variables.
09. Setting principles for economic communication on the regional and international level.
10. All other tasks and duties entrusted thereto by his Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.