Vision and Mission
To achieve comprehensive and sustainable development of Oman for the dignity of the nation and the prosperity of the society
To be a center of excellence in formulating national strategies, policies and mechanisms of implementation, in order to achieve sustainable development through institutional framework and active participation of society to drive the agenda of national development forward.
Achieving the Vision & Mission through the commitment to:
  • Excellence
    • Establishing and maintaining a best practice institutional framework & governance model for social & economic development and achieving the balance between them
    • Driving excellence through standardized processes & systems
    • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement
    • Demonstrating efficiency & effectiveness and strive to be the best in everything done by SCP
  • Professionalism
    • Serving His Majesty’s vision for Oman and its people
    • Accepting responsibility for our behavior, actions and results
    • Driving execution with the highest levels of professionalism and quality
    • Performing our duties with the highest standard of integrity
    • Taking initiative in solving problems and focus on outcomes and achieving results
    • Thinking strategically and innovatively to lead change
  • Knowledge
    • Promoting national human capital development and encourage continual learning & development to acquire new knowledge and further develop skills
    • Facilitating knowledge exchange across government to promote ongoing improvement
    • Providing leadership & technical excellence in social and economic development
  • Communication & Relations
    • Communicating in a timely & appropriate manner
    • Respecting confidential & sensitive information
    • Sharing information to foster collaboration and participation to achieve our goals
    • Respecting each other and build trust in order to build strong relationships
    • Working together to motivate, achieve and inspire