Electronic Participation Policy:
Supreme Council for Planning`s Policy regulating the utilization of social media means serves as a guidelines on how to employ the same on logs, electronic newsletters, electronic forums, social websites and social networks … any other electronic services enabling users to exchange information and data capitalizing on means of modern technology.

This policy shall be applied on:-
• All Supreme Council for Planning`s employees and personnel
• The Public and any third parties dealing with the Supreme Council for Planning
All Supreme Council for Planning`s employees and personnel, users of the Supreme Council for Planning`s social websites and visitors shall observe and comply with the following requirements which include without being limited to the following points:-
• Non- disclosure of any confidential information relating to the council on the social media platforms, including without limitation, the dissemination of any pieces of information that are not unavailable to the public,
• Non- disclosure of any particulars pertaining to the council`s employees or clients on the social media, unless after obtainment of the council`s prior written approval accompanied with a written authorization from the related parties, including without being limited to the personal data.
• Non-dissemination (possession) of any confidential or information or materials inclusive of any privileged information.
• All information available to be shared and relating to the Supreme Council for Planning shall be true and correct.
• Non- dissemination of any rumors or facts that can not be verified
• It is imperishable to enter into, under any circumstances , debates relating to the Supreme Council for Planning via social media networks.
• Not to act in any manner involving any kind of threats including violence waving or using brazen-faced words or phrases or stirring up any third party to commit any acts deemed in violation of the public order or the prevailing laws.
• Non-dissemination or exchange of links available on the social networks, which include bitter comments or involving any threats via social media networks.
• Refrainment from disseminating any misleading or incorrect information, any brazen-faced words, information involving any kind of calumniation or deemed in contradiction with the public order, or involving any insults, molestations, abuses, hostilities or embarrassments to any other person, body or organization provided that others` privacy shall be observed and highly honored.
• Refrainment from speaking in the name of the SCP and your opinion is a personal matter and does not necessarily reflects the views of the SCP.
• Unless you are the authorized spokesman acting on behalf the SCP, you position as an employee of the SCP shall always remain fully attached to the SCP and accordingly, you should introduce yourself in you capacity as an SCP`s Employee since refrainment from that act shall involve a process of misleading the readers.
• You should abide by the copyrights of the others including the publications rights and even if it is possible to use the rights pertaining to any third party without the need to obtain any approval from the concerned party, but it remains required and necessary to add remark referring to the copy rights holders or the original source.
• Pictures and video clips pertaining to the SCP may be published and disseminates only when they are available to the public and bear the approval of the Developmental Information Department and it is strictly prohibited to disseminate any privileged or confidential information or clips on the Social Media Networks.