About The Secretariat
Supreme Council for Planning Secretariat General (SCP SG):
By virtue of Royal Decree No. 30/2012 promulgating the establishment of the Supreme Council for Planning (SCP) and its bylaws, Article (2) of said decree stipulated the formation of SCP Secretariat General that shall take over all allocations and assets of the (cancelled) National Economy Ministry as per article (3) of the said decree. The Secretariat shall be entrusted with the preparation of periodic reports on following up the resolutions rendered by the council and works of the committees that are formed by the council in addition to conducting researches and studies in the matters relevant to the powers and authorities of the council and it shall be charged with receiving the proposals and suggestions from the concerned authorities and hence referring the same to the council for consideration and keeping records of the minutes of the meetings to be held by the council in addition to all other duties entrusted thereto by the council.